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10 Images by Steve McCurry, Master of the Art of Photography

Steve McCurry is known all over the world for his photography. In case you wonder where do you know his name from, he is the photographer who once took the picture of an unknown girl . This was to become one of the most famous photos in the world: “The Afghan Girl”. However, this is not all he did.

Steve McCurry was a war photojournalist for many years, capturing the devastating effects that the war had on people, in such areas as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Cambodia. His beautiful, meaningful pictures were published in many publications, surrounding the Earth and giving us the possibility of seeing unimaginable things.

A true photographer of the human being, his touching pictures are incredibly clear and colorful, picturesque but as realistic as an image can be. Steve McCurry is a master of the art of photography and seeing his pictures means becoming his undeniable fan!


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