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Great New Hydrofoil & Submersible Concepts

Lean, Mean "Wave-Gliding" Machines
 "Gliding over the waves of chaos, betrayed by time..." --Imai Hisashi, Divine Wind
... And from the same poem, "Like a razor jumping from one thing to another skilfully above the night; Like a spider spinning its silver
shimmering thread"... These modern hydrofoil concepts are visually exciting and often sensational, perhaps even more so than modern concept cars:

Modern Italian Design + RetroFuturism Style + Great Efficiency
Italian designer Guillermo Sureda-Burgos is a world-renowned stylist who expertly creates new concepts for underwater transportation, as well as some striking furniture and appliances. He teaches advanced computer graphics at the Industrial Design Department of the Art Institute at Fort Lauderdale and Canary Islands.

His vision of the high-speed "Surface Craft" aims to replace the current use of business jets along busy coastal areas. This version comfortably fits four passengers.
Guillermo's idea of replacing business jet travel with this boat might seem a little far-fetched; but surely, perhaps he can succeed in recreational boating? His boat will be competing with the likes of the Pininfarina's recent Hydrofoil Sailing Yacht (capable of reaching 32 knots;
Fabulous "Personal Submersible Vehicles"

Now, let's see something really exciting!

 These so-called "dry-pressurized" submarines have a passenger compartment kept at sea-level pressure; the space between the compartment and the outer hydrodynamic skin is meant to be flooded with seawater while submerged. The submersible's layout is similar to the standard seating arrangement of a passenger automobile.
XS100 Duo seats two and XS100 Trio seats three submariners (intrepid ocean explorers). The intended market would include luxury yacht and resort owners who are bored of a luxury yacht and want to try something different (the price of a two-passenger model for a target depth 100 meters is close to a limited production exotic sports car, i. e. around 400,000€. With higher production, prices could come down to 150,000€). The sub's eye-catching design seem to be inspired by the "Shark Fin" Chrome style of the 1950s:
XS100 Duo Beta Personal Submersible:
XS100 Trio Alpha Personal Submersible:
Looking forward, Guillermo hopes to combine such personal submersibles with a true hydrofoil high-speed mode. Definitely something to watch for!

Other Inspired, Sleek Hydrofoil Concepts
Futuristic (1973) hydrofoil concepts designed by Luigi Colani:

Turbo: Hydrofoil Daysailor is a design by Seattle-based artist and designer Michael Schacht, largely influenced by Luigi Colani's style:

nterflight Hydrofoiler was an experimental no-emission personal hydrofoil:
The hydrofoil concept KTM Barracuda "keeps water-contact at all times, due to a combination of front wing flaps and the vector thrust from the propeller":
Here is a Quadrofoil Electric Vehicle / Powered Hydrofoil Concept by Matris Design: created by three Slovenian designers, it was presented at the Slovenia’s Internautica Exhibition
The Wind-powered Hydrofoil? Sure, why not, here is a Kitesurfer, designed by Jiwon Jung in 2010
And then, there is a Xi Super yacht, designed by Jan Gielens - a true object of art, with evocative UFO-like shape

Its specially trimmed wings and hydrofoils (for better maneuverability) remind us of Art Deco 1930s aerodynamic cars:
Inspired by F1 cars, industrial designer Dan Baretich created the Formula-Foil 1 concept (left), while on the right you see imaginary future hydrofoil super yachts:
The Dolphin Hydrofoil personal hydrofoil was conceptualized by Nikko Van Stolk. At high speed, this craft almost appears to be flying above the water rather than skipping across the surface:
And check out this Looker 350, a Russian-built hydrofoil-assisted high-speed glass-bottom boat:

Written By Awais Ali


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