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A folding electric car from Hiriko!

Finding difficult to park your car in a little space left out in the shopping mall? The Hiriko, has revealed a folding electric car yesterday at the European Commission. The meaning of Hiriko is ”urban car” in Basque, the brainchild of researchers at the MIT Media Lab has designed a car that can meet the challenges of parking the car in the urban centers.

The car is designed to save the space by integrating its electric motors, steering, and brakes in the wheels. The functionality of the system are all digitally programmed with a drive-by-wire system. The Lithium-ion batteries are fixed to the vehicle’s base and provide a driving range of approximately 75 miles. The length of the car is 100-inch and it gets reduced to 60-inch when folded. According to the reports, the vehicle is expected to be sold at $16,350.

100 inch car becomes 60 inch when folded


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