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2030, will be the year of electric cars – E-Vul Electric car concept!

According to the recent study held by University of California, 2030 will be the year of Electric cars. Due to the rise in fuel prices, the world is moving towards the fuel efficient cars. Electric cars are getting too popular across the world and here is an example of yet another electric car concept design for the year 2030.
This concept car is particularly designed with almost care towards the environment, the future in mind and the effect of new energy technologies.

E-Vul electric car designed by Chao Chin-Wei and Huang Wan-Ting. According to the reports, the concept was inspired by ants. The communication method used by ants – uses chemical scents called as pheromones to interact with each other. That unique interaction is the brain behind the E-Vul electric car, where each car can be connected using the magnetic system in order to reduce electrical energy consumption. The car is designed in such way that it’s users can interact with the system via internet or phone.


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