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Photo of snake (55ft): biggest snake in the world

Photograph purporting to show a 55ft snake found in a forest in Malaysia has become an internet sensation. Biggest snake in the world

The thread claimed the snake was one of two enormous boas found by workers clearing forest for a new road. They apparently woke up the sleeping snakes during attempts to bulldoze a huge mound of earth. This is Biggest snake in the world!!

“On the third dig, the operator found there was blood amongst the soil, and with a further dig, a dying snake appeared,” said the post.

“By the time the workers came back, the wounded boa had died, while the other snake had disappeared. The bulldozer operator was so sick that he couldn’t even stand up.”

The post claimed that the digger driver was so traumatised that he suffered a heart attack on his way to hospital and later died.

The dead snake was 55ft (16.7m) long, weighed 300kg and was estimated to be 140 years old, according to the post. Biggest snake in the world
The most amazing snake found at Australia in a farm.How this snake caught at electrical fences,yes this one has a one good story.
An Australian farmer have sheep in his farm most of the times he found that many sheep are disappear slowly ,he started peep look on sheep and he not able to caught the matter and he started thinking on how to save sheeps .one day he got an idea on put electrical fence around sheep's and this time he got any answer regard any wild animal 0r etc..................

This photograph show that clearly snake was caught on electrical fence and the farmer simply kill the giant for his sheep


Written By Awais Ali


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