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Lots of Snow!

If you've been snowed under for some time, these pictures will help you feel better
"Have you entered the storehouses of the snow?..." (Job, 38:22) Some translations put it as "the treasures of the snow". Well, it seems some locations get entirely too much of this good thing:

Snowed under in the most epic way (somewhere in Switzerland):

Huge vintage snow fall (would like to get some info):
Norilsk, Russia, The World Capital of Snow

Vicious winter blizzards in Norislk, Siberia, bring an inordinate - even obscene - amount of snow...
(images via 1, 2)
There is a car here, somewhere -
Norilsk climate is impressive not only in winter - here is a brooding storm over the city, spring 2009:
Norilsk citizen's pasttime (and a popular extreme sport) - they call it "Buildering":
Snow being cleared from the Trans-Labrador Highway in northeastern Canada:
Similar "snow walled-in" road situation, this time in Japan:
SnowMageddon... or SnowPocalypse? These pictures are from Italy:
To dig (this car out), or not to dig?

Most of the time the answer is: yes, you'll have to dig..
"Buses are encrusted in ice and snow in the Omaha, Nebraska suburb of Elkhorn, where a fire was being put out" -
Archeological strata - cultural remains and natural sediments, buried over time...
Some drivers fight back and make in their garage something entirely different:
But if you want to catch a ski lift, you might be out of luck:

Written By Awais Ali


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