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45 Stellar Space Art Wallpapers

Space art is such a unique but ever-popular niche within digital art. The combination of techniques involved require true mastery, such as 3D, digital painting and photomanipulation. One of the great things about space art is that it allows artists to create fascinating views of what things in our universe might look like. On Earth, we are familiar with physical properties of objects, but space is full of mysterious and esoteric objects like black holes, pulsars, nebulae and more.
Space art wallpapers can transport you to another world, and are a great choice for a work or home computer wallpaper. Here’s a selection of 45 stellar space art wallpapers:

Orbitals by ifreex

Praedestinatio by taenaron

Earth 2049 – The End by taenaron
Solar Winds
Deus Ex Machina by Orikon
Summoner by tadp0l3
Moon Enhanced Image
Relativitas by JoeJesus
The Light Fantastic by Rahll
Space art simple by wilhelm1989
Beautiful Art
Era Silver by kire1987
Space Art
Destiny’s Path by Burning Liquid
Space Art Wallpaper
Amazing Digital Space Art
Rising by ifreex
Digital Space Art
Black Summer Rain by kire1987
Digital Space Art
Bipolar Outflow by pan-pks
Space Art
Amazing Digital Space
Twilight by ladyrapid
Space Art Wallpapper
Space Art
Cosmic View by gucken
Beautiful Space Art
Nexus by Burning Liquid
Apocalyptica ll
Irruption by gucken
Spaceship Wallpaper
Epsilon Lyrae by Pr3t3nd3r
Explorator by taenaron
Space wallpaper
Project Genesis by taenaron
5ive Percent Remaining by gucken
Aurora Borealis – WP Pack by Burning-Liquid
Lost In Space by thiagochackal

Written By Awais Ali


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